Return to the Valley

by Putrid Brew

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released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Hard Loss Records British Columbia

Okanagan Valley Hardcore. Established in the winter of 2014.

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Track Name: Path Of Misery
Left in the dust, by those controlled by lust
The words that were spoken, are emptier than the men who spoke them
There is no excuse for what you claim to be
The mold of the righteous, while you struggle with an indentity crisis
Left in the dust, by those controlled by lust
Ignore the words that are spoken, by those who are completely broken
Is this your excuse? The one you'll stick to?
It's fallen on deaf ears, hope you look forward to the wasted years of your life
All ink dries
Chapters end
Black and white
The Truth can't ben
I refuse too walk this path, path of misery
Bitter and alone with my words set in stone
Cut myself out
While you cut yourself down
You make decisions that you know are wrong
Call me pretentious, but you just want to belong
I refuse to sleep
You are begging for another drink
I am a snake, I am me
You are a snake with no head, you are rotten meat
Track Name: Ides Of March
I wish you never broke the cycle
Those words were wrote in jest
Ever since you lelft this earth
My mind has been a fucking mess
Nothing in this word could prepare me to be the one to wrie your obituary
You'll never know, the lengths I'd go, just to know you're proud of me
Trade it away, for one more day
I refuse to believe that it was your time to leave
All prayers deemed worthless
A million voices in my head
None of them his
All the demons that reside in you, now hide in me. Father, what can I do?
Do you see my eyes fill with tears>
Pray to the god I've cursed for years
Watch you take the hand of death
Struggle with your final breath
Beware the ides of march
Track Name: Consume
You were built to consume everything you can get you filthy fucking hands on
Filling all the empty holes with what you need
Kiling to fulfill your greed
Dying to feed
To prolong this wretched disease
With the need
Nicer cars
Bigger homes
Fuel the machine
More hearts to break
More hoes to fuck
Breed the disease
We'll tell you when you're fucking content
We'll prey on the insecure
Beat them down to profit more
The more you hate yourself
The quicker we acquire wealth
Track Name: World Of Fear
I'm terrifed to bring you into this hell
Will you survive, long enough to bury me
I can't believe, the horrors you may face
So little trust in this perverted human race
Fated child, I'm here to nourish
Condemned child, I hope you flourish
Waking days we're told cherish
For this world, wants us to perish
I still struggle with who deserves the blame
This demolished my faith in humanity
They always said, that this world is cold and cruel
Still can't fathom, how they could target kids at school
Fated child, I'm here to nourish
Condemned child, I hope you flourish
Waking days we're told cherish
Fuck this world
These are your worst nightmares becoming reality
A personal tragedy, played out for the world to see
How could I bring you here? A planet overrun by fear
Whenever you leave my sight, my mind seems to wander, to the darkest places
I can't escape this
Imprisoned your life
A life in my hands
They say it's a violent fucking world and I'm supposed to accept that
They want to talk about the sick mind that snapped not about the world that forced it to act
Unborn son here's a letter for you
Put on this earth to make it better for you
The odds, are stacked, against us
Doomed to fail, fulfilling my purpose
This is not the way
This is not the way
A universe of chaos runs wild
I refuse to be the one to bury my child.
Track Name: London Insomnia
Will my mind let me sleep tonight
I've seen the sun set and rise too many times to count
A shepherd counting flocks of sheep, sandman must of skipped over me
The longer it goes the worse it gets, would trade my soul just to rest
My head
Walking London's streets
Strangers gaze through me
Looking for their next fix
I question if I exist
A shepherd counting flocks of sheep, sandman must of skipped over me
The longer it goes the worse it gets, would trade my soul just to rest my head
The only thing darker than the night skies
Are the black circles forming around my eyes
These nights grow longer, insomnia grows stronger
I hope this is the last time that I suffer through a sleepless night
The last time that I'm plagued with this guilt on my mind
Track Name: Extinction
Is this planet so fucked that it's beyond repair?
Can we salvage the good that's left or do we even care?
Mother natures crotch, raped for the green
Nothing stands in the way, of the american
Until she decides to unleash her wrath
Observe the destruction of all in her path
There is no debate
The landscape, defaced
Each week a new disaster
Thousands of people erased
Flooding goes neck high
Fires burn straight through
These winds are unforgiving
Affected by draught too
We are walking, a very thin line
Between balance and exctinction
This planet's fucked beyond all repair
No good to salvage, we never cared
Now she wants revenge for all the times we wore her thin